Turn Device DE3330-RH

Total height of rotation axis 1702 mm (above base plate)
Max. load 2 kg
Material rotation plate Rohacell, with dielectric constant below 1.2
Material bottom & side Körmacell with PVC profile
Positioning Accuracy +/- 1°
Rotating angle 0°...90°
Rotating time max. 2,3 r/pm
Motor electronic EC motor 150 W
Drive unit shielded and radio interference suppressed; 20dB under CISPR 22 Class B
Temperature working range +5 °C...+40°C
Input current max. 1,6 A
Operating voltage 115 V / 230 V AC (50/60Hz)

Brief description

The DE3330-RH light duty turn device is specifically designed for measurements of medium sized equipment with cable assembly. With the exception of the drive only plastic and Rohacell components are used. The turning plate is equipped with holes and fixing bolts, cables and equipment can be mounted within the rotating axis.

The turn device DE3330-RH exists of a steady bottom plate containing the drive unit, which is preferably fixed on a support table.

The GPIB (IEEE 488) bus, when operated with the CO2000 Controller, or GPIB (IEEE 488) & LAN (TCP/IP), when operated by CO3000 Controller provides an additional control option for all functions.