Field Probe Positioner FSM2315

Sensorhight (Z-Axis) max. 2,3 m
min. 0,8 m
Adapters for other ranges are available  
Hozizontal movement (X-Axis) max. 1,5 m
Total high 2,65 m
Construction PVC, GFK, Kömacell, POM
Overall dimensions 0,8 x 2,24 m
Sensor weight max. 2 kg
Position speed max 12 cm/sec.
Position accuracy better +/- 1 cm
Movement of sensor Kevlar toothbelt (metal free)
Motor EC Motor 150W
Power requirements 230V 50/60Hz
Connection Fibre optic line
Drive Unit shielded and radio interference suppressed; 20dB under CISPR 22 Class B
Thermal Ratings 0°C to +35°C

The Field Probe positioner FSM2315 is a 2D positioner for continuous and step by step movement for the Field Probe. The construction is in horizontal level. Metal parts are located only in the base plate and the drive mechanism (max. 0,2 m above ground level). Limit switches and the general mechanical design ensure a reliable system operation.

The IEEE 488 (GPIB) bus, when operated with the CO2000 Controller, or IEEE 488 (GPIB) & TCP/IP (LAN) interface, when operated by CO3000 Controller provides an additional control option for all functions.

It is possible to design the FSM customized upon request.