Antenna Stand AS2000-PP-10kg

Antenna height adjustable manually from min. 700 mm to max. 2000 mm
Total mast height 2169 mm
Material Körmacell & fibre glass, weatherproofed
Mast cross-section 60 mm x 60 mm
Base L x W 900 mm x 600 mm
Antenna weight max. 10 kg
Polarisation 0°/90° (vert./hor.)
Polarisation time 0°/90° approx. 3 sec
Polarisation drive pneumatic rotation cylinder via solenoid valve
Drive unit shielded and radio interference suppressed; 20dB under CISPR 22 Class B
Control microcontroller board by fibre optic
Air Pressure max. 6 bar
Temperature range 5°C...+35 °C

Brief description

The AS2000-PP antenna stand is specifically designed for measurements in electromagnetic absoption chambers at a fixed measuring height.

Polarisation is driven by compressed air. A solenoid valve located outside of the chamber regulates the compressed air flow. The antenna bar height is manually adjustable.

When operated with the CO3000 controller, antenna polarisation occurs manually or via the IEC (IEEE) bus.