Linear positioner VSWR15000-MP

Horizontal movement range 15 m (electric)
Antenna height 0,80...2,3 m (manually adjustable)
Total mast height max. 2,5 m
Polarisation manually
Numbers of Segments 7pc.
Size of Segments 1,9 m x 0,8 m
Material PVC + GFK, weatherproof
Base L x W 0,8 m x 16,5 m
Antenna weight max. 6 kg (extended load on request)
Positioning speed adjustable between 1 to 12 cm/sec. (15 or 20 cm/sec. available)
Positioning accuracy better +/- 3 mm
Driven by Kevlar toothed belt (metal free)
Motor electronic EC motor 150W
Control cable fibre optic cable, POF type (standard)
Drive unit shielded and radio interference suppressed 20dB under Class B of CISPR22
Control microcontroller
Power supply 230V AC (50/60 Hz)
Temperature range 5°C...+40°C

Brief description

The VSWR 15000-MP linear positioner is designed to support the automatisation of VSWR / and site VSWR measuring procedures with antennas up to 6kg (13lbs). The slide can be moved 15 m horizontal controlled by CO3000 controller OR if equipped with PC-option direct via USB. The signal is transmitted by fiber optic cable.

The height of the antenna and polarisation can be adjusted manually.
The mast beam can be rotated vertically excentric so the rotation axis can be optimised according antenna center. The device is easy to move by lockable rollers. Metal parts are located only in the base plate and the drive mechanism (max. 0.4 m above ground level).