Nominal Radius 1500mm
Moving Range per Slide - 90° to +96,4°
Height of middle axis for EUT/MUT 320 mm
Total Dimensions 3895mm x 2110mm x 920mm
Max. Antenna Weight 0.5kg
Min. Positioning Speed ~0,19°/s
Max. Positioning Speed ~3,8°/s
Drive Non-conductive, metall-free toothed belts
Motor Power 2x 150W
Max. Current Consumption 3,2A
Voltage 230 V / 50 Hz

Brief description

The antenna positioner CP1500-MP is designed and developed for use in an EMC chamber. It features two independently controllable and radially movable carriages equipped with receptacles for small antennas.

Along the theoretical connection line from -90° to +90°, the entire machine is made of plastic and thus completely metal-free.

The machine consists of guide sectors, two swivel carriages with aerial antenna holders and drives.

Two separately controllable drive units, each with a 150W motor, that drive the carriages via a belt drive. They are located on the right and on the left end of the positioner.

The machine is equipped with cable carriers. These enable smooth movement of the antenna cables, and the interrupter lines for the carriage collision monitoring with the movable carriages.

The IEEE 488 (GPIB) bus, when operated with the CO2000 Controller, or IEEE 488 (GPIB) & TCP/IP (LAN) interface, when operated by CO3000 Controller provides an additional control option for all functions.