Permissible axle load 3000 kg
Inner Roller edges 900 mm
Outer Roller edges 2.100 mm
Typical axle distance
(depends on Turntable)
min. 1.800 mm
max. 3.600 mm
Roller diameter 320 mm
Test speed 65 km/h
Max. speed 120 km/h
Motor power 4x 17,5 kW
Acceleration 9 m/s² (up to test speed)
Deceleration 9 m/s² (up to test speed)
Control fibre optic cable (GOF type)
Temperature range -10 °C...+40 °C
Working range 0 °C...+35 °C
Current consumption max. 200 A
Voltage 400V (50-60Hz)

Brief description

The Dynamometer RPS40-65/120-9-DT is designed to be used in an anechoic chamber for EMI & EMC measurements. The integrated design  into a Turntable allows easy handling for daily usage. Two active axles are used for cars with front / rear wheel dirve as well as 4WD. Each car wheel is driven by a separate Motor/Generator.

All electronic components are located below the Groundplane in shielded and radio interference suppressed cabinets. The typical Emission level is below the CISPR 22 class B regulation. The immunity against field strength up to 200V/m is guaranteed.

An Noise-free (Zero emission) execution is optionally available.