Hand Control Unit LWL3

Size 115 x 65x 26 mm (LxWxH)
Housing Material ABS, inside copper coated
Connection to Controller by fibre optic line POF or GOF
Operating voltage 3V by 3x1,5V AAA
Operating time by Battery approx. 30h (while continues usage)
Charger for HCU Unit available on request
Auto-off after 20sec.
Keypad Foil keypad
Temperature range 5°C...+40°C

The Hand Control Unit is designed for usage either inside chamber or even control room. For inside chamber usage, the copper coating and Auto-off function of the electronic guarantee no EMC interference during measurement. The fibre optic connection by POF or optionally GOF single phase cable, reduce the setup time.

The ergonomic designed Foil-Keypad guarantees a comfortable handling during operation. Three illuminated Unit buttons show the actual device in remote operation.

The three status LED´s of the Unit Buttons are for indication of low battery voltage, if illuminated at the same time. In standard configuration are 3 AAA Batteries used. An optinal charger and Accumulators available on request.